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Object d’art: Tone Poems, Ready-Mades/Modulations, and Etudes – –



London District Studios resident artist Kehren Barbour’s sculptural works, affordable collages of defunct and decommissioned piano parts, also line the walls. Stiped down keys in Victorian-esque frames carry feminine inflections… Others mounted on reclaimed birch wood stand along. Thus far, her #postpianoproject, as attempt at fostering a conversation at sustainability, has involved breaking down 11 tons of clavier material.

´its about use & reuse´ explains Barbour, noting her graduate degree in Sustainable Development. ´Patterns of manufacture, deconstruction, and ultimately re/use/ can be tracked through this rewarding medium.´

Quote is from Lauren Strepp from an article in Carolina Home (July 2016) that mentioned the Post Piano Project and Studio that houses Asheville studio of Kehren Barbour.


Works can be categories as: Tone Poems, Modulations, and Etudes.


“Souvenir”:  Tone Poems – –


Assemblages made from materials salvaged from decommissioned, deconstructed pianos. These collaged works are named after the french verb “to remember”. Title of “Tone Poems” references Strauss and his works. His “Tone Poems” are known for expressive range of musical subjects sometimes thought to be impossible to depict. We hope to capture similar ideas using parts and pieces of these beautiful instruments as tool to tell the story of our love for music.

img_20161125_174706  tonepoem_img_5007   img_5021






Ready-Mades: Modulatation

Mounted on reclaimed Siberian Birch, keys reclaimed from decommissioned, deconstructed pianos are arranged in silent homage to sounds sung






Assemblage, Private Collection (2016)


ppp_instal_totemimg_5039 Totem Series, 2015 – 2016 as installed at London District Studios, March 2016 (all pieces now part of private collections)

15_ppp_brutalistduo_vortex_avl  These veneer collages were made for installation at Black Mountain College for DoubleTake event in 2015.



Studio Practice: 

Gallery and Studio: London District Studios

Workshop: Aeolian Harp Research Station

Works for sale: FD Found Design, Horse+Hero, London District Studios
  More Images can be seen labeled with #postpianoproject on Instagram